Liquid Clarified Butter 2kg


Liquid Clarified Butter 2kg

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More softness and butter taste

  • Its high concentration of milk fat reinforces its butter taste.
  • Its unique recipe is based on carefully selected raw materials.
  • Its low melting point improves the softness and the perception of its unique butter flavour.

Time saving

  • Ready to use (no need to melt and clarify the butter).

Long shelf life

  • Thanks to its high butterfat content and its absence of water, it can be preserved for a long period (12 months). This also improves the shelflife of the finished products.


  • For bakery-pastry: ideal for any recipes that require melted butter (cake, sponge cake, …)
  • For chocolate: recommended to enhance the flavour of chocolate fillings.
  • For cooking: it enables to successfully prepare any emulsified sauce, and is excellent for frying, roasting and baking.
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