Elite Puree Red Fennel 1kg, Frozen


Elite Puree Red Fennel 1kg, Frozen

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Berriolette is a mix of red fruits, the raspberry and wild blueberries with the shy, gentle violet. The rounded flavour of the violet softens the force of the wild blueberry. The aroma of the violet with the two fruits leaves a subtly delicious taste on the tongue. This product is sold unpasteurized, allowing Capfruit to offer a product with an exceptional texture, colour and taste.
To offer homogenous products throughout the year, Capfruit brings together different varieties of fruit to create elite seasonal pure?es. In the seasonal flavours range, Capfruit has taken the art of blending a step further, introducing new textures and original flavours by the blending of fruits with other types of ingredients such as spices. To achieve the subtle balance for the palate that we require from these recipes is a delicate art.

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