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Japanese Wagyu Beef Chuck Roll A4 Shabu Shabu, Frozen ±250gm/tray

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Japanese Black beef from Miyazaki Prefecture.

Ribeye Cap is tender, marbled with fat and has a nice umami flavour. This cut is lean and cooks quickly, it is a great choice for steak, yakiniku, sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.

  1. Dedicated to raising cattle for 70 years
  2. Spacious cattle barns
  3. Local mountain water flowing from Mount Osuzu
  4. Carefully selected livestock feed
  5. Highly Skilled cattlemen

Arita Black cattle are fed with only carefully selected grains and self-cultivated pasture grasses. And absolutely no medicines or antibiotics are mixed into the feed.


"Wagyu Japanese beef logo" was introduced in 2007. The logo proves authenticity of the Wagyu beef from Japan and the people around the world would recognize the finest quality and taste of the Wagyu.