Puree Banana 100% 1kg, Frozen


Puree Banana 100%
Puree Banana 100%
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This product is a blend of bananas sourced from Costa Rica, the Equator and the Ivory Coast. The bananas from Costa Rica and the Equator, once crushed, offer an intense flavor but a rather runny texture. The tasty banana from the Ivory Coast has a much thicker texture and allows perfect balance in the finished product.

Each Capfruit puree is the result of a close partnership with the fruit growers, giving Capfruit total mastery of the procedure, control over the methods of cultivation and total traceability. The fruits are harvested at maturity and sometimes even transformed and frozen on site to ensure that no flavour is lost.

Capfruit's skill and know-how is the fruit of experience and total mastery of the process, guaranteeing a top-quality range of purées that do not, in general, need pasteurization.
No sugar added.

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