Pasta Linguine with Saffron (Zafferano) 250gm


Pasta Linguine with Saffron (Zafferano) 250gm

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Morelli's Artisan Flavoured Pasta is unique, for its taste, consistency and nutritional contents. Morelli's Pasta is different from any other kind of pasta thanks to ancient technique and a special ingredient: the wheat germ. It is made only with the best durum wheat semolina and it is processed only whit craft technique. The result? Morelli Artisan Flavoured Pasta is healthy, genuine, rich of flavour and substantial.
Morelli has been producing Italian pasta since 1860, using wheat germ ingredient and the best semolina to obtain a unique taste. The secret of Morelli pasta is the Wheat Germ that is re-incorporated into the semolina. Thanks to this, the pasta keeps an high level of Vitamin E, that is very important for its antioxidant power, and Vitamin D, that helps our body in preventing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol. Those who have tried Pasta Morelli recognize its characteristics; flavour and aroma of wheat, excellent consistency, intake of important nutrients for our health.
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