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Amber Cube Sugar, Individually Wrapped 2.5kg

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These irregular-shaped sugar lumps of a warm golden color caress the senses with a touch of caramel and a hint of vanilla and are a marvelous complement to tea, coffee or herbal infusions. The irregular pieces are an exceptional product, whose assertive character appeals to lovers of cane sugar with a subtle and refined taste.

Real diamonds with a 100% pure cane raw flavour, they come from an exclusive La Perruche recipe, an alliance of cane caramel and cane sugar. These raw pieces, a mixture of fine sugar and large grains of cane, melt in hot drinks and add crunch at the end of the tasting.

Their unique and authentic taste has conquered the tables of the greatest chefs and the palates of fine gourmets all over the world, thus becoming the emblem of the brand and the sign of the greatest refinement. Amber, they give a unique touch to the gourmet moments of brown sugar lovers.