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Compatible Capsules Intenso Coffee - Dark Roast 10's - Carton

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Expiry 30 Sep 2024

Intenso roast coffee has a full-bodied taste. It’s slight bitterness is accompanied by lively notes of cacao and dried fruit.

To enjoy it at its best, we recommend a cup volume from 25 to 40 ml for the Espresso variant.

New compatible capsules for Nespresso®* coffee machines.
*for Nespresso®** coffee machine (not suitable for the following machines: U®**, Umilk®**, Expert®**, Expert&Milk®**, Prodigio®** and Prodigio&Milk®** purchased after July 25, 2016).
**trademark of a third party, not connected to illycaffè S.p.A.

Packaging: 10 boxes/carton