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Fruit Zest Orange (Semolina) 500gm, Frozen


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The rinds of citrus fruit are particularly exposed to pesticides and furthermore, are often treated after picking to increase their shelf life. The rigorous selection of fruit suppliers ensures that Capfruit only offers you fruit that is healthy. The trees that give us the limes Capfruit zest grow almost wild in the Ivory Coast and guaranteed that the fruit is not treated after it had been picked.

The orange and lemon zests come from citrus fruit grown in Spain. Regular analyses impose strict controls on the frequency and pertinence of any treatment required. The zests are natural products offering a very fruity colour and/or texture and which are suitable for a variety of culinary uses : ice creams, pastries, sauces, coatings etc. These zests have come straight from the fruit, have not been candied, have no added sugar.

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