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Halloumi Traditional Cypriot Cheese 225gm

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Halloumi cheese is the traditional cheese of Cyprus, which has been produced on the island for centuries. It’s a semi hard cheese and it is produced by a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milk. You then add dried mint and preserve it in salty water.

The Original Cyprus Halloumi Cheese has been successfully established in the world market because of its particularity, since it is the only cheese in the world that does not melt when cooked and it can offer infinite gastronomic choices. Halloumi Cheese can be grilled, fried, grated on pasta, or can be used as a main ingredient in salads and omelets or even just enjoy it fresh as it comes.

How ever way you decide to use it, Halloumi cheese will always maintain its shape and texture. Enjoy the experience!!!

 Remarks: Halal