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Pork Cabezada Collar Boneless Frozen 1.4-1.6kg

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Happy pigs living completely free in natural habitat: the pasturelands, a precious ecosystem halfway between the Mediterranean forest and the prairie, where each pig enjoys 3 hectares for its own. Joselito's selected pieces come from pigs fed 100 % naturally on acorns and grass. The fattening season is called the “Montanera”, the period when Joselito's pigs eat 7 to 10 kilos of acorns and 3 kilos of herbs a day. Due to the “Montanera”, Joselito only produce raw meat and its ham during the winter months (January, February and March).


Triangle-shaped. Its marbled fat makes this a very tasty cut to grill. This very firm piece is located after the loin towards the cranium. Located after the loin with great firmness.

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