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So Good Magazine Issue 7


The Magazine of Haute Pâtissere is a biannual magazine, published by Grupo Vilbo, aimed at the professionals of the world of dessert, sweet and savory pastry, ice-cream and chocolate. The pastry magazine recommended for the best pastry chefs.

In this issue:

  • Grégoire michaud, sense and sensitivity
  • Hidemi sugino, dialogue with ingredients
  • Arnaud larher, the second raspberry
  • Jordi roca, chronology of a unique dessert menu
  • Thomas bühner, la vie’s apple
  • Pain de sucre, “a good product is beautiful by nature”
  • Frederic robert, looking for unexpected desserts
  • William curley, chocolatier skin, patissier heart
  • Gilles delaloy, freedom with base
  • Bruno van vaerenbergh, my advice: “less fat, more design and smaller portions”
  • Emmanuel ryon, with pleasure
  • Claire heitzler, between what is beautiful and what is good
  • Jordi puigvert, innovation in the technique, tradition in the result
  • Stefano laghi, self-molded
  • Raúl bernal, the value of perseverance
  • Josep maria ribé, artisanal dragées
  • Sylvain leroy, a versatile chef
  • Dani garcía, sweet divertimentos
  • Jerome landrieu, mignardises
  • Andrés lara, a small tribute to chocolate