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Australian Wagyu Beef Striploin SILVER MBS 6-7 Steak Cut, Frozen 240-260gm

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Sher's Wagyu is cross bred with Angus and Holstein, which produces a clean but very rich flavor, offering the kind of luxurious beef experience Wagyu lovers are looking for.In 1996 Nick Sher pioneered in Australia the breeding of Wagyu x Holstein, the traditional Japanese F1, which produces outstanding beef over a range of marble scores. Fullblood bulls of the finest Wagyu bloodlines are used to produce their Crossbred cattle which is packed into three labels. Silver Label is based on marble score 6-7 and not on breed percentage. Striploin is a prized cut amongst meat eaters, it's high yet evenly distributed marbling allows it to be very versatile and blends in well with various cooking methods.