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Australian Lamb Rack Frenched Cut, Frozen 1-1.2kg

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The White Stripe brand is recognised around the world as a statement of high quality and outstanding consistency for Australian Lamb. Our lamb supply chain has been established for over 15 years and this allows us to provide consistent supply and quality guarantees whilst also being hormone free and naturally raised.

White Stripe Lamb is sourced directly from the lush pastures of South-Eastern Australia, the finest natural lamb-producing region in the world.

Raised on a diet of all-natural clover and rye pastures with supplementary feeding of lupins and oats, White Stripe Lamb is grown to ensure consistent size, exceptional tenderness and unrivalled flavour.

This lamb rack frenched cut, CFO (Chine, Feather Off) Cap On, is prepared from the fore quarter by removal of the breast and flap and by a straight vertical cut along the rib bone. Delicious when crusted on, pan seared and then roasted for a flavoursome and tender product.

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