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Gift Box Ballotini Box Orangettes 130gm

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Slivers of candied orange peel coated with dark chocolate.

A box of candied orangettes with dark chocolate This great classic of the end-of-year holidays requires a long meticulous work. First of all the bark of quality fruits is taken.

All the rinds are then candied in sugar to retain their aromas, color and softness. Each is then coated with a large dark chocolate Valrhona.

In the mouth, we first perceive the crunch of the chocolate before feeling all the softness of the candied orange peel. The aromas of chocolate and orange mixed together create a sweet tangy harmony... A classic to offer This ballotin of orangettes is a classic to offer to all ages. The sweet bitterness mixed with the tangy taste of candied orange goes deliciously with chocolate.

traced from production to the bar and transformed into France. In addition, Valrhona is taking concrete action to offer you an increasingly responsible chocolate. Among these actions: the reduction of packaging, the improvement of living conditions and remuneration on plantations, the fight against child labour... Discover all the brand's commitments here!