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Butter Roll Unsalted 82% Fat 500gm - carton

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Elle & Vire Gourmet Butter (82% fat) can be consumed as it is, or used in cooking and baking...

The Gourmet Butter (82% fat) combines flavour and quality. Boasting wonderful nuance of flavour, this butter can be consumed as it is, or used in cooking. Perfect for cooking and preparing sauces, this butter is equally ideal for use as a base for flavoured butters. Its foil packaging is tear-proof and enables the butter to be portioned as required.

Elle & Vire uses the very best dairy expertise (fresh milk for top quality creams, exclusive lactic ferments and the expertise of its master butter makers during churning) to produce butters with unbeatable technical and flavour qualities.

Packaging: 8pcs/carton