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Gift Box 32 Squares Dark & Milk Choc 160gm

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This varied selection of chocolate’s squares is a great way to explore Valrhona’s aromatic palette. Now you can take your Grand Cru chocolates wherever you go.

Contains of selection of 6 must-have Grands Crus:

  • TULAKALUM 75% - Fruity, Tangy & Cocoa Nibs
  • GUANAJA 70% - Balanced, Roasted & Bitterness
  • CARAÏBE 66% - Chocolatey, Roasted & Bitterness
  • BAHIBÉ 46% - Cocoa-Rich, Cereal & Ripe Fruit Flavor
  • JIVARA 40% - Milky, Malt & Vanilla
  • ANDOA LAIT 39% - Milky, Farm-fresh Milk Flavor & A Hint of Acidity

Tasting order: it is usually recommended to start with the bar with the lightest cocoa percentage, and finish with the highest one for your palate to slowly adapt and really feel the difference.

Plunge into the art of tasting :

  1. Taste with the eyes, observe the color
  2. Listen to the characteristic "snap"
  3. Take a bite and let it melt on your tongue
  4. Breathe out to smell the different aromas
  5. Conservation: Keep in a dry place, between 16°C and 18°C