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Himalaya Pink Salt (Coarse) 1kg

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It is absolutely one of the most precious types of salt in the world thanks to the type of collection carried out by hand. During the night, the temperature range causes the surface of the salt pans to crystallize slightly, thus creating this very precious salt.
Chefs across the world consider this the best finishing salt available. It's special crystalline shape, rather than flaky, helps it to dissolve slowly, delivering a full and balanced flavour. Fleur de Sel is collected from the very top layer of the famous French salt ponds.

Conditions must be just so for farmers to collect even a pound of this full flavoured finishing salt. On a clear summer day, with no wind, the patient farmer will hand-harvest the delicate top layer of the salt pond, and the world has a bit more Fleur de Sel to enjoy. Fleur de Sel is best used as a finishing salt as it breaks down other herbs and highlights individual flavours in foods. This is a finishing salt that will enhance any gourmet meal.